The Salary of a Sheriff?

Answer A sheriff, referred to as police chiefs in large jurisdictions, is a law enforcement professional who directs the activities of a police department on a country level. These professionals are often... Read More »

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How to Become a Sheriff?

If you want to become a sheriff, you already know it is a very high honor. Not only are they in charge of the law enforcement in their jurisdiction, but they are also responsible for inmate transpo... Read More »

What is a sheriff sale?

A foreclosure occurs when an individual is unable to repay the money that they borrowed from a mortgage company or a bank. During the foreclosure process, the bank or mortgage company regains poss... Read More »

What is a sheriff's auction and why do they have them?

Sheriff's departments in many states conduct auctions of foreclosed properties. The mortgage holder aims to quickly recover some of its investment. Auctioned property may sell for 30 to 50 percent ... Read More »

What Happens at a Sheriff's Sale?

Sheriff sale is a term used to refer to public property auctions and it is usually the last step taken in the foreclosure process. This occurs when a homeowner has completely finished all the optio... Read More »