The Role of Memory in Computer Processing of Data?

Answer Computer memory speeds up the processing of data by the central processing unit, or CPU. Memory is accessed much faster than a physical storage device, such as a hard drive. By placing certain data... Read More »

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How Does the Memory Cache Speed Up Computer Processing? and Gabriel Torres of explain that both drives and RAM are slower than the CPU of a computer. A cache temporarily stores data so that the CPU can access it at ... Read More »

How much memory do you need to back up data on a laptop computer?

The amount of memory you need to back up your laptop computer is going to depend on the amount of information you have. If you have 10 gigabytes of information, you need a hard drive that has at le... Read More »

What does processing (or processing unit) mean in computer terms?

What is a data processing job?

Data processing involves recording and organizing written or numerical information for businesses. Trained, experienced employees in this field can find work in a wide variety of industries.Definit... Read More »