The Role of Allergy in Meniere's Disease?

Answer Meniere's disease is an inner ear disorder characterized by vertigo, in which you feel as though you or your surroundings are spinning; fluctuating hearing loss; tinnitus, a ringing or buzzing in t... Read More »

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What is the role of cholesterol in heart disease?

While necessary in limited amounts for proper body function, cholesterol contributes to the development of heart disease when too much collects in the body for a long period of time. Cholesterol ca... Read More »

How is vitamin E thought to play a role in reducing the risk of heart disease?

Vitamin E is a generic term for tocopherols and tocotrienols.[1] Vitamin E is a family of α-, β-, γ-, and δ- (respectively: alpha, beta, gamma, and delta) tocopherols and corresponding four toc... Read More »

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