The Rock Most Likely to Contain Fossils?

Answer Fossils are the preserved remains of animal and plant life often found embedded in rocks. Earth contains three types of rocks, metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary. Metamorphic and igneous rocks un... Read More »

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In what type of rock are most fossils found?

The most common fossil-bearing material is sedimentary rock, which is created when the slow compression of sediment forms rock. Organic materials buried in the sediment fossilize either through car... Read More »

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Do sedimentary rocks contain fossils?

Most fossils are found within sedimentary rock. The reason is, unlike other rock types, sedimentary rocks form under low temperature and low to even pressure conditions, preventing the fossil from ... Read More »

What are rocks that contain fossils called?

Rocks containing fossils are called fossiliferous rocks. Most fossils are found in sedimentary rock. This is due to the fact that organisms are trapped within layers of sediment. Occasionally fossi... Read More »