The Risks of Feeding Raw Food to Dogs?

Answer Feeding dogs is a matter of controversy in America. After the outbreak of poisoned grain in commercial dog food, many people are beginning to feed their dogs raw food. This has brought about many b... Read More »

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The Hazards of Feeding Dogs Human Food?

Feeding a pet the same thing you cook for yourself is not always wise. The nutritional needs and health of a canine are different than that of a human, and feeding dogs human food also can be hazar... Read More »

Information on Feeding Human Food to Dogs?

It can be difficult to turn down Fido's sad eyes while you're preparing dinner. However, feeding human food to dogs can have many negative consequences. While not all people food is bad for dogs, t... Read More »

How to Get a Relative to Stop Feeding Your Dog Table Food?

Is your relative feeding your dog table food? If your relative is, than we've got a problem. Table food is the number one cause of canine obesity which to could lead to your pet getting sick or eve... Read More »

Does spicy food really affect breast feeding?

Maybe but it is good to get the baby used to everything.I personally ate everything and people get telling me don't eat this or that and that the baby will get gas or whatever. I did it anyway, he... Read More »