The Rights of the Accused in a Court Case?

Answer The rights of the accused in a criminal court case are contained in various amendments of the U.S. Constitution, especially the Sixth Amendment. The rights of a criminal defendant include the right... Read More »

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If a father is seeking joint custody and the mother has been served court papers what rights does the father have until the case goes to court?

It depends if you've made an effort to support your child. If you ran away from your responsibilities and didn't pay that child support then those are marks against you in the court system. If the ... Read More »

Do US military personnel have the same constitutional rights in a court-martial as they do in civilian court?

US military personnel DO have Constitutional rights but in many respects the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) does not parallel the civilian court system. The two are not really comparable.

Dr Mark Sloan once worked a case with Mannix and was once defended by Matlock when he was accused of murder What show was he on?

Can a mother request from the judge to reinstate fathers parental rights once she has already petitioned the court to terminate his rights and the judge did terminate his parental rights?

Yes. It's called "disruption" and it does happen. Sometimes a child comes home with problems so severe that they cannot be handled by the new family; in such cases, the parents can seek to disrupt ... Read More »