The Rights of a Mother in Child Custody Cases in Texas?

Answer A person who has custody of a child is the legally recognized guardian of that child under state law. These cases can be simple or very complex, and many factors influence which parent is granted c... Read More »

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Does the father have any custodial rights in Texas if the mother has custody but the child lives with the grandparents?

Do you have a court order saying you have visitation? Are you the biological father? If so then YES. Go back to court and file for custody.

If a mother has legal and physical custody of a child and if she dies and leaves her child to her mother in her will can the child's father obtain custody of the baby or will her mother?

United States State laws vary widely in the United States but in almost every state the biological parent has sole rights to custody of the child. If a custodial parent dies the surviving natural p... Read More »

Religious Rights for Children in Child Custody Cases in North Carolina?

Child custody cases are court cases that try to determine the rights and responsibilities that a parent or guardian should have regarding a child's welfare, authority, education and religion. The q... Read More »

In Texas when the child's mother dies does the joint custody father get custody?

Properly, yes, however there can be complications. If the mother names some other person guardianship, the father could be facing an expensive custody challenge. This issue should be clarified in t... Read More »