The Responsibilities of Airport Cleaning Crews?

Answer According to U.S. Travel Association statistics of 2008, most travelers were unsatisfied with the tidiness and orderliness of airports. The problems cost the airlines an estimated 41 million in avo... Read More »

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Do you think one man crews will ever go over with the railroad?

Think they will and that they are about to. I think the next national contract between the BLE and the NCCC will be one man crews. I think the UTU will pay dearly for allowing RCO agreements.You ... Read More »

What is the crews living quarters called?

Like everywhere else on the surface of the Earth, the force of gravity is 9.8 Nkg-1. The astronauts on the Shuttle lift-off experience a gravitational-pull "G-Force" of not more than 3-g's (accele... Read More »

What are the crews names from ABDC season 4?

From Season 4 they were: Fr3sh, Artisty In Motion, Southern Movement, Beat Ya Feet Kings, Vogue Evolution, Rythm City, Massive Monkees, Afroboriké, and We Are Heroes .

What poses a radiation danger to air crews?