The Removal of the Idler Pulley on a Maytag MDE2600AYW?

Answer The Maytag MDE2600AYW is a front-loading automatic dryer designed for home use. The belt connected to the drum relies on the idler pulley to maintain proper tension. For some repair procedures, rem... Read More »

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What Is an Idler Pulley?

Most modern cars have replaced the old arrangement of belts hooked to the central motor shaft with a single serpentine belt. This belt runs the alternator, water pump and air conditioning compresso... Read More »

Signs of a Bad Idler Pulley?

The purpose of the idler pulley is to ensure the belt is routed around the engine components smoothly and without obstructions. A faulty idler pulley can cause damage to the belt and cause componen... Read More »

What Is the Function of an Idler Pulley?

Pulleys are devices used to direct applied force in a rotational or linear system of motion. An idler pulley plays a key role in the operation of a vehicle's belt system.

How to Remove an Idler Pulley?

Different engines use different drive belts routed along a pulley system to power the engine components. The main pulley is the crankshaft pulley; most often the lowest pulley in the center. From t... Read More »