The Removal of an Eviction Notice From a Record?

Answer Having an eviction on your record can be detrimental to credit and personal worthiness. Often an eviction won't show on your credit report, but rather on a background check, or a database of public... Read More »

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What is the notice of petition for eviction?

Knowing what a notice of petition means and what course of action is expected can mean the difference between remaining in the residence or having to look for a new place to live very quickly.Funct... Read More »

How to Serve an Eviction Notice?

When you want to evict a tenant, there are specific laws you must follow during the eviction process. The first step involves serving the tenant with an eviction notice. Local laws govern specifics... Read More »

Eviction Notice Information?

When confronted with problem tenants, landlords, by law, cannot create self help remedies to force a tenant to vacate their property. To reclaim use of their property landlord's must undertake the ... Read More »

How to Give Written Notice for Eviction?

Landlords are sometimes faced with the unpleasant task of asking a tenant to leave the premises. Eviction is a legal right for landlords when a tenant has violated the terms of the lease or has fai... Read More »