The Removal of an Eviction Notice From a Record?

Answer Having an eviction on your record can be detrimental to credit and personal worthiness. Often an eviction won't show on your credit report, but rather on a background check, or a database of public... Read More »

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How to Serve an Eviction Notice?

When you want to evict a tenant, there are specific laws you must follow during the eviction process. The first step involves serving the tenant with an eviction notice. Local laws govern specifics... Read More »

Eviction Notice Information?

When confronted with problem tenants, landlords, by law, cannot create self help remedies to force a tenant to vacate their property. To reclaim use of their property landlord's must undertake the ... Read More »

How do I serve an eviction notice in Idaho?

Knock on the tenant’s door and attempt to deliver the eviction notice to him personally whenever possible, advises the Latah County, Idaho, courts website. If he is not at home but another adult ... Read More »

How to Give Written Notice for Eviction?

Landlords are sometimes faced with the unpleasant task of asking a tenant to leave the premises. Eviction is a legal right for landlords when a tenant has violated the terms of the lease or has fai... Read More »