The Removal of a Resonator on a Miata?

Answer The resonator on a Mazda Miata is essentially a muffler before the muffler on the exhaust system. Its job is to quiet down the exhaust before it enters the muffler on the tailpipe, thus reducing th... Read More »

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Miata Dash Removal?

The Mazda Miata is a fun sports car that has been around for numerous decades. If you are a Mazda enthusiast, you may have an older Miata with a slightly less than "impeccable" dashboard. Removing ... Read More »

Mazda Miata Strut Removal?

To help support the front wheel assemblies, the suspension system on your Mazda Miata uses MacPherson struts containing a shock damper cartridge and coil spring. However, bumps and potholes on the ... Read More »

Main Fuse Removal for a Miata?

Removing the main fuse on a Miata is a skill every owner should learn before they have to do it under roadside conditions. While the procedure is straightforward, it is not one to be figured out du... Read More »

Mazda Miata Rear Brake Pad Removal?

The Mazda Miata comes equipped with rear 11.9-inch vented disc brakes with aluminum calipers. Removing the brake pads is an easy process that requires sufficient light, time and patience along with... Read More »