The Reason Ameicans have Whiter Teeth?

Answer i am an american and my teeth are a far cry from perfect, i dont know why british people get such a bad rap when it comes to their teeth. americans are very vain and for some reason they feel they ... Read More »

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If I have yellow teeth, can I make them whiter by brushing lots?

Yes but I don't know how well that will work but whitening strips or the inside of a banana peel just rub it on your teeth ad don't brush afterward and in about a week or so you will start noticing... Read More »

Will Drinking teeth make my teeth whiter?

Nope you just have to brush your teeth for like a day

Tips for whiter teeth or best teeth whitener?

Rembrandt is awesome though expensive. But one I do 2 or 3times a week is get toothpaste on you toothbrush, dip it in baking soda and brush. That works but will only whiten for about a night so it'... Read More »

How do i get my teeth whiter?

Your teeth are probably naturally non white.DON'T try home tooth whitening kits - they contain hydrogen peroxide which is a powerful bleach - you will probably damage the enamel on your teeth fore... Read More »