The Real Difference Between 556 & 223 Ammo?

Answer There are two types of AR-15 rifles. The first is the military AR-15. The military has renamed this weapon the M16. It uses 5.56x45mm (commonly called just 5.56mm) ammunition. The civilian AR-15 us... Read More »

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Difference between comparative and absolute advantage real with real world example?

Also, (His son lives with us THurs-Mon and his mom Mon-Thurs). My husband is very interested in joining the Army Reserves or the National Guard. We are aware that single parents can not enlist in a... Read More »

Difference between a real and a non ideal gas?

If you count the jet stream then the prevailing winds are from West to East making the the West coast the windward side. (This is of course given that the assumption is made over a period of time.... Read More »

Is there a real difference between 4 GB and 8 GB RAM?

4GB of RAM is fine for everyday usage and light gaming. Having 8GB won't impact performance at all, unless you're trying to run very memory-intensive software or keeping MANY Windows open at once.... Read More »

The Difference Between Real Silverplate & Electroplate?

Real silverplate, also known as Sheffield plate, is a process that fuses a bar of silver to a bar of copper. The fused bars are then rolled to produce a sheet that has one side of pure silver. This... Read More »