The ReFirme Skin Tightening Procedures?

Answer ReFirme is an FDA approved skin tightening procedure that uses radio frequency and light energy to heat the dermal tissue in a specifically treated area. The purpose is to tighten lax or sagging sk... Read More »

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Skin-Tightening Procedures?

Aging happens to everyone. It is a natural part of life that occurs whether you are prepared for it or not. One day you look in the mirror and see laugh lines where none existed before; you notice ... Read More »

Facial Skin Tightening Procedures?

As a person ages, the skin produces less collagen, resulting in a loss of elasticity and giving the skin an appearance of sagging. There are several options for people wishing to make facial skin t... Read More »

Stretch Mark Skin Tightening Procedures?

Stretch marks are wrinkled skin patches on the breast, stomach, arms, shoulders or thighs. These can occur when the skin expands or contracts suddenly, leading to loss of tissue elasticity. Unseeml... Read More »

Preparation H for Tightening Skin?

For several decades, Preparation H hemorrhoid treatment cream was a legendary as an effective, readily available and inexpensive anti-wrinkle treatment--claimed by both the famous of Hollywood and ... Read More »