The R-Value of 3/4 Plywood Vs. Fiberglass Insulation?

Answer Insulation is an important part of any home or commercial building, as it protects from outside temperatures, as well as noises. However, different kinds of insulation vary in terms of cost, usage ... Read More »

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How to Lay Fiberglass Over Plywood?

Applying fiberglass over plywood can be a tricky process, whether you are covering a small piece or an entire deck. There are multiple benefits to the process, however. Fiberglass is strong and wat... Read More »

What is the R value of attic insulation covered with plywood decking?

Answer Every insulation has a different R value. It ultimately is determined by which insulation you will be using.Now lets do rough estimate. 4" thick, regular fiberglass mat has R-value of 13. As... Read More »

How do I buy fiberglass insulation?

Measuring the SpaceMeasure the space, height and width where you will add the insulation. Convert calculations into square feet (width X height) to determine the amount of insulation to purchase.De... Read More »

What is the R-value of fiberglass insulation?

Fiberglass insulation comes in two different types, loose-fill and batt. Loose-fill fiberglass has an R-value of 2.2 to 2.7 per inch, and fiberglass batts have an R-value of 2.9 to 3.8 per inch.Ref... Read More »