The Purpose of Statistical Analysis: Mean & Standard Deviation?

Answer If you ask two people to rate the same painting, one may like it and the other may hate it. Their opinion is subjective and based on personal preference. What if you needed a more objective measure... Read More »

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How to Calculate Mean, Standard Deviation, and Standard Error?

After collecting data, often times the first thing you need to do is analyze it. This usually entails finding the mean, the standard deviation, and the standard error of the data. This article will... Read More »

Deviation from the structural standard requirements of AA and E storage areas as outlined in applicable regulations may be approved up to what percent deviation?

here is an answer for you this whole is hokey you know there is just a bunch of random people writing random things down like i am that probably are not the answers that you are trying ... Read More »

How to Calculate Mean and Standard Deviation With Excel 2007?

Calculating the mean and standard deviation in Excel 2007 is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and only takes a few minutes.

Statistical Analysis Ideas?

No matter how great your data is, if you cannot explain it, nobody will know. Statistical analysis techniques allow us to make an inference from a set of data. Without these techniques, data is not... Read More »