The Purpose of Sleeping With a Vaporizer?

Answer A vaporizer is a small appliance that adds moisture to the air by heating water into a hot mist. A steam vaporizer should be kept at least 4 feet from you. A vaporizer is often compared to humidifi... Read More »

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Smoking in a room with a vaporizer?

prollly will smell but i don't think your fire alarm would go off. i smoke in my room all the timee

Does a vaporizer help a child with coughing?

On One Hand: Vaporizers May HelpChildren who are suffering from cold symptoms, such as a cough, may be more comfortable breathing moist air. The humidity provided by a vaporizer or cool mist humidi... Read More »

When does a kid usually move from sleeping in a crib to sleeping in a bed?

There's no set time. It depends more on why you want to move him/her to a bed.Is the kid is too big for the crib?But does that balance out against whether you want the kid to be getting out of bed ... Read More »

Sleeping with Bra's on?

First of all, your breast growth has nothing to do with whether or not you sleep with a bra on at night, some people do and others don't, it's whether or not you can actually get a comfortable nigh... Read More »