The Purpose of Reference Checks?

Answer During the reference checking process, parties verify background and employment information about candidates they are considering employing or doing business with. They do this by either interviewi... Read More »

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Federal Law on Reference Checks?

Federal law requires extensive reference or background checks on certain types of potential employees and these requirements extend to private as well as public employers. The applicable law is the... Read More »

What does c c h mean in reference to background checks?

The letters 'CCH' stand for computerized criminal history. Running a computerized criminal history report during a background check provides information regarding a person's prior arrests, convicti... Read More »

What is the legality of reference checks in Pennsylvania?

Evaluating job candidates can be challenging, especially if the applicant pool is highly qualified. Many employers utilize applicant reference checking to better evaluate a candidate's background. ... Read More »

Purpose of Checks & Balances?

Charles Montesquieu was a French philosopher and the father of the separation of powers system of government. The separation of powers system gives specific responsibilities and authorities to the ... Read More »