The Purpose of Clear Mascara?

Answer Mascara is available in colors -- such as black, brown and blue -- or in clear. Clear mascara has many benefits that colored mascara does not have. Does this Spark an idea?

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What does clear mascara do?

It does the same thing a mascara does. Without adding color to your lashes so they look natural. It can also be used as a brow gel.

Black and clear mascara?

Yes, many people do that to lengthen their lashes before, however, just wait a few secs. for the clear mascara to dry, and go in with the black and wiggle through your lashes! :)

What is better clear mascara or black?

i use black mascara to make my big bold eyes stand out i think that they make you look mystyrious and sexy

Great Lash Clear Mascara?

As long as you don't put on too much, it sort of holds a curl. Otherwise, it just makes them straight again. That's about all it does. Didn't really impress me.