The Purpose of Assessing Students in the Classroom?

Answer Tests are a continual part of a student's academic life. Throughout the school year, each student is expected to demonstrate his knowledge of a specific range of subjects that the class has been st... Read More »

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Measures in Assessing Gifted Students?

When a child shows signs of being gifted, analysis and assessment must be conducted as soon as possible. Gifted children sometimes flourish in specialty programs, but they are also likely to do poo... Read More »

Why is Curriculum-Based Assessment Important in Assessing Students With Learning Difficulties?

For students with learning disabilities, traditional assessment strategies such as formalized, periodic testing may not provide an accurate reflection of student progress and mastery of skills. Cu... Read More »

How to Group Students in the Classroom?

Educational research indicates that grouping in classrooms positively affects learning outcomes if cooperative learning strategies are appropriately applied. Students can also discover new talents ... Read More »

How to Pair ELL Students in the Classroom?

Teaching English Language Learning (ELL) students in the classroom is a challenge. Pairing students, however, can be helpful. Interpersonal strategies that provide the opportunity to interact with ... Read More »