The Properties of Green Turquoise?

Answer Green turquoise forms by the presence of iron and usually occurs in arid areas. Turquoise is a secondary mineral in a host rock. In the American Southwest, Native Americans developed and elevated t... Read More »

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Do u like turquoise or green better?

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About Green Turquoise?

The word “turquoise” originates from the French “pierre turquoise,” meaning Turkish stone. These fascinating blue and green stones first arrived in Europe via Turkey, but actually originate... Read More »

Is turquoise green?

When referring to color, turquoise is blue-green. Turquoise the gem, however, ranges from light or medium blue to greenish blue, according to the Gemological Institute of America. Some turquoise, p... Read More »

Where is green turquoise mined?

The highest quality green turquoise mines are in the western and southwestern United States. These areas of the United States are also the largest producers in the world of quality turquoise.Source... Read More »