The Properties of Acidic Substances?

Answer In chemistry, an acid is classified as a substance with distinctive properties. An acidic substance is sour-tasting; reacts with litmus paper, bases and metals; conducts electricity; and has a pH o... Read More »

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Do acidic substances kill grass seeds?

An acidic substance can kill a grass seed if the solution is too strong, but there are applications of acid for grass seeds that can raise the rate of seeds successfully germinated. Soaking grass s... Read More »

What waves have some electrical properties and some magnetc properties?

Which waves have some electrical properties and some magneric properties?

How do u kno if u are reliant on any substances/drugs?

Well there are many indications... If you think you are, that is a good indication, but many times people are not aware of it. Also if you experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking the su... Read More »