The Proper Way to Tweeze Eyebrows?

Answer A frame should never compete with or detract from the painting it surrounds. While attractive on its own, the right frame should enhance the beauty of the art inside. In the same spirit, neatly twe... Read More »

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How to Arch and Tweeze Your Own Eyebrows?

Skillfully shaped eyebrows can enhance the beauty of one's face. They frame the face and draw attention to one's eyes. No easy feat, symmetrical eyebrows with the perfect arch and the right amount ... Read More »

How to Tweeze Your Eyebrows Painlessly?

Beauty techniques like eyebrow plucking have risen and waned in popularity over the centuries. Roman women shaped their eyebrows by using small pumice stones. Beauty lovers from the European Gothic... Read More »

How to Tweeze a Child's Eyebrows?

Tweezing your child's eyebrows can cause excessive pain and tears if you are not careful. The pain is caused because you are literally yanking hair from your child's delicate skin. If you feel you ... Read More »

How to Tweeze Eyebrows for Face Shape?

Properly tweezed eyebrows open up your eyes and improve your appearance instantly. A perfect eyebrow starts from the inner corner of the eye, arches just beyond the outer curve of the iris and narr... Read More »