The Proper Way to Tie a Neckerchief?

Answer A neckerchief, as one might infer from the name, is little more than a large handkerchief folded up and tied around one's neck. It offers a more casual look than a tie, while still presenting a ref... Read More »

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How to Tie a Neckerchief?

Neckerchiefs look brilliant with work clothing and are very simple to do! All you need is a headscarf or large handkerchief.

How to Tie a Chef Neckerchief?

A chef's neckerchief starts as a square piece of white material that is folded into a knot to wear close to your neck. Not only does it provide a professional look for any chef, but it also helps t... Read More »

How to Put on a Chef's Neckerchief?

A chef's neckerchief is meant for both fashion and aesthetic purposes as well as practicality and usefulness: It absorbs much of the moisture that collects while working for hours in a hot kitchen.... Read More »

How to Tie a Navy Neckerchief?

The naval neckerchief, the navy blue piece of fabric worn around the neck, is one of the images that come to most minds when thinking of Navy sailors. The art of tying the naval neckerchief is just... Read More »