The Proper Way to Double Flare Brake Tubing?

Answer The proper way to double flare brake tubing is to use a flaring tool. The tool is designed to flare the mouth of the pipe and create a seal that withstands the compression of the brake fluid withou... Read More »

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How to Double Flare Tubing?

Double flaring a length of tubing creates a burr-free connection in high pressure lines. The reinforced connection takes a specialized tool to create both flares. The tool creates both flares using... Read More »

How to Flare Brake Line Tubing?

Your vehicle's brake lines operate under high pressure, transferring brake fluid from the master cylinder to the calipers and wheel cylinders. To do this they must be clean inside and out, able to ... Read More »

How to Double Flare Auto Brake Lines?

Between the master cylinder and the wheels on your car are brake lines. These lines are metal for most of their length and, in the front, rubber for the last 10 to 12 inches. Brake fluid is hygrosc... Read More »

Single Vs. Double Flare Brake Line?

Passenger car braking systems operate using hydraulic pressure. A master cylinder connected to the brake pedal sends fluid through metal lines to the wheel cylinders, which operate the brakes. The ... Read More »