The Proper Torque for Wheel Nuts?

Answer Lug nuts are manufactured to meet the thread size of the studs on cars and are often tapered for wheel security. Torquing your car's lug nuts to the proper specification is very important for your ... Read More »

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How Should I Torque My Wheel Nuts on a 2002 F-150?

A commonly overlooked item when performing basic maintenance on any vehicle that involves removing the wheels is correct wheel torque procedure. This is partly due to lack of knowledge and partly d... Read More »

How much torque is suggested for the wheel bearing nuts on a Dodge truck?

The wheel lug nuts on a Dodge standard duty pickup truck should be tightened to a torque reading of between 100 and 130 ft./lbs. Some applications call for more or less, depending on the size of th... Read More »

How Much Torque is Needed for Wheel Bearing Nuts on a Dodge Truck?

Tighten the Dodge nut to 185 ft. lbs. (271 N.m). If you feel there's still play in it, go another turn, but make sure the wheel hub doesn't bind up. Grease well before testing.SourceAlldata

The Torque Specifications for Lug Nuts?

Knowing the proper torque for your specific size and style of lug nut is important in order to ensure that your wheels will not come off while driving, but can still be removed when necessary.