The Proper Charging Procedures for a Cellphone Battery?

Answer When you charge your cellphone's battery, you usually do so without giving it much thought. The battery charging process, though, is more complicated than some people think. All cellphone models ar... Read More »

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Slow Battery Charging Versus Fast Battery Charging?

Battery chargers come in a variety of sizes and charging rates. Some battery types, such as alkaline or carbon zinc, recharge poorly. For all rechargeable battery types, including lead acid and lit... Read More »

Why do you have to turn off cellphone while charging?

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Gel Cell Charging Procedures?

Gel cell batteries such as those used in cars, trucks and other vehicles must be charged in three steps: bulk, absorption and float. While alternators and other such charging machines charge gel ce... Read More »

Is leaving a laptop plugged in too long, when the battery is done charging, bad for the battery?

No its fine. There are a lot of rumors about things like this but they're not true. Your laptop battery can not be damaged from remaining on the charger after the charging process is complete.