The Prognosis of Kidney Disease in Dogs?

Answer Kidney disease is irreversible, just as most organ diseases, and the effects can be quite serious. Since the kidneys plays a role in removing wastes and toxins, a dog's health can deteriorate rapid... Read More »

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Kidney Prognosis for a Labrador with Canine Lyme Disease?

When a tick infected with the Borrelia burgdorferi bites a Labrador retriever or any other breed of dog, the dog may begin to experience joint pain or arthritis. Lyme disease--the disease caused fr... Read More »

Prognosis of Lyme Disease in Dogs?

According to the Baker Institute for Animal Health, Lyme disease was officially recognized in the United States in 1975. A doctor documented the disease in a group of children in Lyme, Connecticut.... Read More »

Kidney Disease in Dogs?

Canine kidney disease can develop quickly or over months or even years. Damaged kidneys do not remove toxins from the blood stream as well as those in good working order, which can lead to a variet... Read More »

Epogen for Kidney Disease in Dogs?

Epogen is a medication used to treat anemia associated with kidney failure, and kidney disease in dogs. It comes in a liquid injectable form, and it is administered to your dog by using a needle an... Read More »