The Process of Creating a Self-Portrait With Ebony Pencils for Kids?

Answer A self-portrait lesson in a children's art class is an introduction into realistic drawing. Children will examine their own faces in comparison to their friends, teachers and family members. Using ... Read More »

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Is it correct that parents are creating facebook accounts for their kids and operating on their behalf ?

everything is possible in the net ... in student days i used to sign my parents sign on report card !

How to Teach Kids the Writing Process?

The process of writing is a continual journey that begins in elementary school and continues well after college graduation. Writing requires a mixture of patience, skill, and focus. For teachers, e... Read More »

Where do you start the process to get custody of kids that are not yours?

Answer The first thing that must be established is that the parent(s) or whomever is caring for the children is neglectful and/or abusive towards them.The interested party should contact the state... Read More »

How do I teach kids the process of growing vegetables?

Get kids excited about growing vegetables. Check out some books on vegetable gardens from the local library. Brainstorm about what the garden should look like. Educate yourself on which vegetables ... Read More »