The Principles of a Static Voltage Regulator?

Answer While highly useful, electricity can be very dangerous, causing fires, shorting out equipment and injuring users. Power systems also are not always very reliable. Static voltage regulators are desi... Read More »

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How to Fix a Voltage Regulator?

Voltage regulators are a type of transformers capable of dictating how much voltage passes through. They are most commonly found in motor vehicle engine charging systems. Voltage regulators may mal... Read More »

What does a voltage regulator do?

A voltage regulator takes a varying input voltage and maintains a constant regulated output voltage. The actual output voltage is then compared to a fixed reference voltage in a process called nega... Read More »

Differences Between Static Electricity and High Voltage?

Static electricity and high voltage are terms that address the same concepts of electromagnetism, but have many different qualities. In addition to semantic differences, the two concepts also addre... Read More »

Where is the 944 voltage regulator located?

In a Porsche 944, the voltage regulator is found inside the alternator, which is located beneath the air box. The air box has to be removed in order to access the alternator, in the event that the ... Read More »