The Pressure Switch on My Furnace Keeps Tripping?

Answer Pressure switches work by detecting the pressure of a fluid and shutting down the system if the pressure changes dramatically. This can help protect many household appliances, including furnaces, h... Read More »

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If Your Pressure Switch on Your Furnace Keeps Faulting Out, What Could Be the Problem?

The pressure switch on furnaces is responsible for monitoring the airflow in the furnace and shutting down the power if the air pressure exceeds or drops below the settings. If the pressure switch ... Read More »

How to Set Up a Pressure Switch for a Goodman LP Furnace?

A Goodman furnace fueled by liquid propane, like other LP furnace models, works with a pressure switch to detect when the internal air temperature is hot enough to activate the blower motor. This f... Read More »

Signs of a Bad Pressure Switch in a Furnace?

A well-designed furnace has safety features incorporated into the equipment to prevent problems. Among the safety devices in a furnace is the pressure switch. When the furnace begins the ignition s... Read More »

How to Clean a Furnace Pressure Switch?

A gas furnace pressure switch's function is to maintain the correct pressure inside the heater. Once the pressure reaches certain levels, the heater will turn on or off. If the pressure switch is s... Read More »