The Posen Project?

Answer The Posen Project, also known as the Poznan Marriage Indexing Project, is a genealogical tool developed to help people with Polish ancestors researching their family tree. The service is provided o... Read More »

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What was the name of the NASA project following project Mercury?

The two-man flights of Project Gemini (1965-1966) followed NASA's Mercury program, which launched astronauts in one-man capsules.

What is the difference between a realtime project and a live project?

Realtime projects are more critical in respect of time constraints. whereas live projects donot concern very critical time constraints.

Dried Food Project Ideas for a School Project?

Dried food items such as fruits, beans and pastas are pantry staples because they have a long shelf life and are convenient items for snacking and cooking. Take advantage of the accessibility of dr... Read More »

Can I run MS Project Standard 2003 on MS Project Server 2003?

Microsoft Project Server 2003 is not an operating system, and therefore Microsoft Project Standard 2003 cannot run on it; however, the two software packages are designed to be compatible with each ... Read More »