The Physical Structure of a Corn Plant?

Answer Botanists categorize plants in a variety of ways. One of the ways is by the number of so-called seed leaves the plant has when it's a seedling. Seed leaves are different from true leaves that devel... Read More »

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Is popping corn a physical change?

According to Anne J. McNeil, who is a postdoctoral researcher at MIT, corn does go through a physical change during popping. It does not, however, go through a chemical change.Source:Cornell Center... Read More »

Is popping corn a chemical or physical change?

Corn undergoes a physical, not chemical, change when it is heated enough to produce popcorn. When the kernal becomes super heated, it literally turns inside out. The explosion creates popcorn as we... Read More »

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Structure of a Flowering Plant?

Flowering plants, otherwise known as "angiosperms," first appeared more than 100 million years ago, during the Jurassic period. Evolutionary scientists remain uncertain where such flowering plants ... Read More »