The Phases of Acquisition in Learning to Read and the Implications for Teaching?

Answer Learning to read begins long before a child enters school. From birth, children begin to learn about language. Understanding the acquisition of reading skills can help teachers to support literacy ... Read More »

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What are the common causes of learning disabilities and their implications?

are you a boy or girl? i have lil brothers and sisters my brothers a little older and my sisters are a little younger but if you give me your info i will pass it on to themThere's a good article ab... Read More »

Implications for Student Learning When Using Internet Filters?

For school children, the Internet provides a vast resource for accessing information. It is a useful learning tool that helps them with their homework and other projects. However, school administra... Read More »

How to Help a Child Who Struggles With Learning to Read Because of Their Learning Style?

There are basically four learning styles.  If your child's learning style is the Kinesthetic learning style, the average classroom setting beginning with first grade may cause unnecessary stress ... Read More »

The Stages of Learning to Read & Learning to Write?

The stages of learning to read and write begin in infancy. Each child, however, learns to read and write at his or her own speed. While general age and grade levels are provided below, the age at w... Read More »