The Parts of an Exhaust System?

Answer The exhaust system included in all modern vehicles in the United States and other countries was designed to perform very specific tasks to control and reduce the release of toxic gases into the atm... Read More »

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What Are the Parts of an Exhaust System on a Car?

A car's exhaust system has the job of directing the exhaust gases that are created by the engine safely away from the vehicle. If the exhaust system is not functioning properly, dangerous exhaust f... Read More »

Parts of an Exhaust?

The exhaust system is an important part of any vehicle. If there is a fault in one of the many parts of this system, it can not only affect the performance of the car, but the performance of the dr... Read More »

DIY Car Exhaust System?

Though full exhaust kits exist for most popular applications today, there remains a contingent of people who would rather do it themselves. Reasons for doing so include unavailability of pre-made ... Read More »

The Anatomy of the Exhaust System?

Automotive exhaust systems muffle exhaust noise and reduce exhaust emissions. While materials and configuration differ among various cars and trucks, all exhaust systems can be broken down into thr... Read More »