The Pain After a Tongue Piercing?

Answer A tongue piercing can be a fun way to modify your body. Because a piercing causes a major change in your body, some discomfort is normal as your piercing heals. With proper piercing procedures and ... Read More »

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Why do I feel pain in the bottom of the tongue after tongue piercing?

Lol, no. It's very uncommon for either of the arteries in the human tongue to curve inward to the center. And if that happened and a piercer hit a vein, you would have bled to death. Piercings (Goo... Read More »

Tongue Piercing Pain Relief?

The tongue is one of the most popular body parts to pierce. Tongue piercing, which is done by piercing a needle through the middle of the tongue, is widely accepted throughout the Western world. To... Read More »

Tongue piercing curious about the pain?

Omg, i did it last week. No they don't numb it.I've only just got over the bad pain while eating but now i have cotton mouth or something from the lack of nutrients that i haven't got while not eat... Read More »

Tongue Piercing & Monroe Piercing questions?

i have a lip piercing & a lip piercing DOESN'T HURT AT ALL . its like a little 3 sec pinch then its over . put it does swell for like 3 days then it goes down . the best thing for you to do is suck... Read More »