The Overuse of Fertilizers?

Answer Many people believe that application of fertilizer at rates above those recommended will cause their lawn or garden to grow faster and greener. This is a myth. Overapplication of fertilizer can hav... Read More »

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Can you overuse baby powder?

You can if you end up looking like a ghost! If you don't then it will be okay. Baby powder or talc dries excess moisture and is useful if you run out of antiperspirant but remember you need to mois... Read More »

[facebook] "Sorry, you are blocked from leaving comments due to continued overuse of this feature."?

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Who uses fertilizers?

Fertilizers are used by farmers, horticulturists and household gardeners. According to Nation Master in 2010, Ireland uses more fertilizers than any other country, followed by the Netherlands and E... Read More »

What Problems Can Fertilizers Cause?

Fertilizer is a substance or mixture, made from either synthetic or organic methods, used to make soil more fertile. Fertilizer contains the three primary macronutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and po... Read More »