The Origins of Quilting?

Answer Quilting as a hobby and trade has been practiced for over five thousand years. Quilts are usually made by sowing together a patchwork of existing and recycled fabrics then stuffing with soft materi... Read More »

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What do quilting measurements mean?

Not quite sure what you are asking about. Do you mean like what size of quilt your bed takes?or thread count?Or making one (seam allowances)Sorry, I guess I don't have an answer.....Didn't mean to ... Read More »

Quilting with Seersucker?

Quilting can be done with a wide variety of materials and fabrics. While not a common fabric used in quilting, seersucker is an option for quilters wishing to use up scrap fabric, add texture to th... Read More »

What is a quilting foot?

A quilting foot, or walking foot, is a sewing machine aid that helps the feed dogs pull the quilt sandwich layers through the machine in an even manner. It prevents the thread from bunching up in t... Read More »

Quilting for Beginners?

Quilting is not complicated. At its most basic form, a quilt is pieces of fabric sewn together for a quilt top, which is layered with batting and a back and stitched together. Many quilters hand-se... Read More »