The Origin of the Snare Drum?

Answer The drum is one of the first instruments made by human hands. Drums were used to accompany spiritual ceremonies, communicate over distances and, eventually, to create an impression of strength and ... Read More »

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What's your favourite drum head for the snare drum?

How to Play the Snare Drum?

The snare drum is one of the most widely utilized percussion instruments in Western music. Snare drums feature centrally in both orchestral and marching percussion scores; this drum is also the cor... Read More »

How to Tune a Snare Drum?

Snare drums are not the easiest thing to tune. If you need to know how to get rid of a rasp, or how to increase or decrease tension, then this is for you.

Who invented the snare drum?

The snare drum dates back to the Middle Ages, roughly 1300 A.D. While there is no definitively known creator of the instrument, it is believed to have been used in Europe during this time. In its o... Read More »