The Occupations That Can Be Done With a Doctorate in Anthropology?

Answer Earning a doctorate in anthropology is an impressive achievement that teaches the individual many marketable job skills. According to the American Anthropological Association (AAA), students of ant... Read More »

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What are some good occupations?

Learning About Occupations for Kids?

Learning about different occupations is an important part of every student's academic career. Understanding career options can help and inspire children to succeed and possibly even create a sense ... Read More »

A Raisin in the Sun-Characters occupations?

Travis, Ruth, mama, Joseph Asagai, and George Murchison are static, because they didn't really changed their character traits throughout the novel. Whereas, Walter, and Beneatha could be referred t... Read More »

Adoptees - what were/are your first parents occupations?

Mother:1) A college student who spent her free time at her parent's yacht club where she met my father.2) She is what my husband calls a 'trustifarian' or a 'woman of independent means'. Translati... Read More »