The New Growth on My Live Oak Is Turning Brown?

Answer Live oak (Quercus virginiana) is an evergreen oak that may grow in a variety of forms. Live oak typically grows in sandy, coastal areas. This tree grows quickly and transplants easily, making it we... Read More »

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Hostas Are Turning Brown?

Hostas are attractive, shade-loving perennials with large foliage that provides instant color and beauty to the landscape. The wide-leaved plants produce clusters of tiny lavender, white or pink fl... Read More »

Why Are My Camellias Turning Brown?

Camellias grow on flowering shrubs that resemble small trees. The flowers grow in shades of white, pink, red and purple. Diseases, pests and weather problems may compromise the overall health of ca... Read More »

Chrysanthemums Turning Brown?

Chrysanthemums are widely cultivated by gardeners, both amateur and commercial. Nicknamed "mums," the flowers grow in a wide variety of colors and variegated patterns. When chrysanthemums begin tur... Read More »

My Squash Is Turning Brown and Drying Up?

Squash is a popular summer vegetable. It is also easy to care for, making it a good choice for the gardener that desires homegrown fresh vegetables. However, it can be disappointing to have your pl... Read More »