The Negative Effects of Patriotism?

Answer It isn't inherently inappropriate to demonstrate loyalty and devotion to your native land, but patriotism can become a problem when it's misguided and abused. War, injustice and intolerance can ens... Read More »

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What Effects Does Patriotism Have on Society?

Patriotism is a nationalist feeling of pride in or support for your country. It manifests itself in many forms, both small and large. While some people regard patriotism as a sort of civic virtue, ... Read More »

Negative Effects of Uniforms?

Uniforms are a topic of hot debate among public and private schools alike. Their proponents argue that uniforms improve academic performance, decrease distractions in the classroom and encourage gr... Read More »

Negative Effects of Wigs?

People often grow out hair and donate it to make wigs for those in need, such as for thinning hair or hair loss due to chemotherapy, stress or genetics. Though sometimes people wear them for pleasu... Read More »

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