The Negative Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing?

Answer The Academy Award-nominated documentary, "Gasland," raised a stir in 2010 with its depiction of the negative environmental effects of hydraulic fracturing, or "fracting" -- a controversial method o... Read More »

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The Negative Effects of Plastic?

Plastic is virtually ubiquitous. It's hard to even glance around a room without seeing things made wholly or partly out of the substance. While plastic has many uses in medicine, science, industry ... Read More »

What are the negative effects of Reality TV?

Negative Effects of the Telephone?

The telephone provides remarkable advances in communications. In the 135 year since it was patented it grew so indispensable that negative effects -- such as its indispensability itself -- are clea... Read More »

What Are the Negative Effects of milo?

Weight gain - Milo is very high in calories. It is also not fair trade, so has negative effects on the lives and communities of the producers of its ingredients (sugar, cocoa, etc).