The Nature of City Life for Urban Americans in the 1900s?

Answer Life changed dramatically for millions of Americans in the 1900s, a period of major industrialization, immigration and urbanization. America was transforming from a rural to an urban society at an ... Read More »

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Obstacles the African Americans Faced Moving to the North in The 1900s?

According to the Digital History online textbook, after World War I, African Americans began moving from the Southern states to the North. Beginning in the 1920s, became known as the Great Migratio... Read More »

What city did Irish immigrants arrive during early 1900s?

Urban and rural life in Germany?

Well, if you live in the country, you definitely need a car. So as soon as you're 16, you'll get your driving license for a scooter, and as soon as you're 18, you'll learn now to drive and buy an o... Read More »

How to Make Nature a Part of Your Life?

NatureNature is a wonderful thing. It deserves a part in your life.