The Motherboard Has Power, But the Computer Doesn't Boot?

Answer If your computer has power but doesn't boot your operating system, a number of possibilities could be the culprit. The solution lies in narrowing down the possibilities until you know exactly why i... Read More »

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Will a motherboard boot without a CPU?

No, there really is no way for a motherboard to boot without a CPU. The motherboard will turn on without a CPU, but the CPU is pretty much the brain of the motherboard. Without the brain, the body ... Read More »

Is it possible to download some boot loader onto a CD Computer won't boot.?

No,it isn't possible to download some boot loader onto a CD. But you can purchase some CD from any computer shop or purchase CD on online. It may help you to restore your computer.

Why Doesnt My GS 700W Power Supply's Fan Not Spin?

Prime95 will test the CPU, but won't do much for power consumption.You could try running something like 3DMark, but if you're only on one graphics card then 700 watts is plenty so getting a heavy l... Read More »

My ASUS Motherboard Won't Power Up?

When putting together a desktop computer, the main piece of hardware that every other piece of hardware inside the computer connects to is the motherboard. When the motherboard fails to power on, y... Read More »