The Most Likely Places to Hide Things in Homes?

Answer Sometimes you need a good hiding spot for something, whether it's a wad of cash, a family heirloom, an extra set of house keys or a surprise gift. It pays to become familiar with and steer clear of... Read More »

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Places to Hide a Key?

When people consider where to hide a key, the first places that they think of are under the door mat or flower pot by the front door. You might as well keep your keys in the front door as any burgl... Read More »

Places to Hide in Ironforge?

Whether you're hiding from the horde or you are the horde, the dwarven city if Ironforge boasts many places to hide within its walls. If you find yourself in Ironforge with a need to hide, you're i... Read More »

Places to hide a body?

Go o new york. Got on west walnut street. Go down to the subway where you will find a man playing the violin. Ask him "what came first the chicken or the egg?" he will give you a five digit code go... Read More »

Where are some good places to hide spare keys inside the house?

Do you happen to have a closet or cabinet where you store things like bathroom towels or hang coats? Hammer a small nail above the door on the inside and hang it there. How many times have you stuc... Read More »