The Most Humane Meat & Chicken Products?

Answer Consuming humanely raised animal products guarantees consumers that they are supporting animal husbandry practices that provide clean and healthy environments for animals. Meat products that meet t... Read More »

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What is the most nasty thing you have ever heard about animal meat?

I thought it was disgusting that chickens are routinely fed arsenic (and most commonly roxarsone) to prevent parasitic infections brought on by the fact they are kept caged or in extremely close qu... Read More »

Tips for buying meat from a humane source?

I became vegan due to this craziness. Have you tried veggie meats from a place like Trader Joe's? They may be an acquired taste but I think they taste good.

What fake meat tasts the most like real meat?

Boca veggie sausage, I put it in the veggie chili I make and it fooled most the meat eating people who tasted it.

How do I best deal with a cockroach invasion in my home in the most humane way?

With my mother's roach-bait recipe! Mix equal parts sugar and boric acid (a powder available at hardware centers and drugstores). Sprinkle in crevices and corners where you have seen roach action. ... Read More »