The Most Humane Meat & Chicken Products?

Answer Consuming humanely raised animal products guarantees consumers that they are supporting animal husbandry practices that provide clean and healthy environments for animals. Meat products that meet t... Read More »

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Tips for buying meat from a humane source?

I became vegan due to this craziness. Have you tried veggie meats from a place like Trader Joe's? They may be an acquired taste but I think they taste good.

What should I eat for lunch Digorno Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza which has White meat chicken, spicy buffalo?

What can I eat in USA if I don't eat any other meat except chicken?

Do you eat fish or shellfish? If you dont eat any other meat than chicken, then just eat chicken. Most of the major chains and better restaurants are at least somewhat sensitive to dietary restrict... Read More »

Is chicken meat?

Does a chicken grow on a plant? NO. It walks around, eats, reproduces, feels pain, bleeds....yeah...I think that would qualify a chicken as meat. I really despise when people claim they are vege... Read More »