The Monuments of Bahia?

Answer Bahia is a state in Brazil that's home to historic monuments including forts, statues and churches. Monuments within Bahia date back to the 1500s, and statues peppered throughout the state pay homa... Read More »

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When do I apply Ironite on new Bahia sod?

Ironite fertilizer should be applied to new Bahia sod within the first two weeks of placement. It is important to only use an organic fertilizer, such as Ironite, during the summer months.Reference... Read More »

Should Old Sod Be Removed to Install Bahia Sod?

Bahiagrass is a low-maintenance grass commonly used in the southeastern U.S. where ideal soil isn't available. Unlike other grasses that form a tight knit, bahiagrass works well where "reduced visu... Read More »

How often should I put Milorganite fertilizer on bahia sod?

According to, you should apply the fertilizer three times per year to bahiagrass spread out over spring and summer. An easy way to remember is to apply it after Easter, Memorial Day... Read More »

How do I plant bahia seed grass?

PreparationPlant bahia grass seed in spring or fall. Choose a site that gets full sun, as bahia grass does not grow well in the shade.Rake the site to clear away debris, rocks, weeds and any dead f... Read More »