The Microprocessor Chips of the 1970s?

Answer The 1970s saw the birth of microprocessors, with the first one released commercially in 1971. Today's microprocessors share little in common with their early predecessors, every year and a half -- ... Read More »

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Why is a microprocessor important?

There are many parts inside your computer and the microprocessor, or CPU, is one of them most important. The microprocessor determines many things about how your computer operates.HistoryThe first ... Read More »

Microprocessor Theory?

Microprocessors are the central hardware that run computers. There are several components that make a processor. The first is the transistor. Next, are logic gates where you put more than one trans... Read More »

Who invented the microprocessor?

On One Hand: Intel CorporationIntel Corporation is credited with the invention of the micro processor in 1971. They were founded in 1968 by three men--Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Andrew Grove. ... Read More »