The Method for Removing Camshaft Sprockets?

Answer A camshaft sprocket is in the center of the timing belt of a car engine. It is a round shaft driven by the timing belt that opens and closes the fuel and exhaust valves of an engine. The camshaft s... Read More »

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Removing Bead Method Hair Extensions?

The bead method of hair extension is often known as "cold fusion" or by proprietary names such as Euro Locs and is one of the most popular strand-by-strand extension methods that utilize I-tip hair... Read More »

What is the easiest method for removing wall paper?

Answer Try using a spray bottle with 2 parts vinegar & 1 part water. Spray on paper & let sit until paper peels off easily using a trowel or scraper. You may need to do this in layers. Sometimes it... Read More »

What's the best method for removing lipstick from blue jeans?

That is so not true! Who gets lipstick on the outside of his pants? LMAO

"What's the best method for removing massive amounts of chest hair?

Laser hair removal. It is permanent and not uncomfortable.Did Lucy have too much hair. Is that why you deleted her? LOL(((Beano))) Have a hairless blessed day.Kait